Website promotion

Promoting a website is not easy, but it is necessary. A revenue-generating site is a goal that is pursued by all companies that set up their website.

However, quite often, the focus is only on content creation, and the subsequent promotion of the site is given a minor role, or its owner does not at all devote funds to this important task. What is the result?

In the first stage, when a new site (see “Promote a new site”) appears on the web and any promotion activities are still taking place, the site occupies a good position in the search engine rankings and attracts visitors. But over time, leaving everything as it is, there will inevitably be a drop in the volume of hits and poor indexing of the pages as a result of a “loss of interest” in the search engine resource. Any system that has stopped its development is equivalent to death, but who cares about such systems?

How is the website best promoted? There is no clear answer to this question. Ask ten SEO experts and you will get ten different answers. The main promotion processes are not many, but each has its nuances. Some are guided in their work by one, others by another.

For example, the geographical location of sites. Surely every internet user has noticed that when searching for any products or services, the search engine reports in which city the person is located and produces results according to this information.

For example, a user from London will be shown sites whose geographical location is relevant to London or areas of London, for Cambridge – sites from that region. Accordingly, if the company’s head office is located in London, its site is most likely to be found by residents of the capital.

 And if the company works all over England and is interested in no less than consumers and other cities? In this case, the website promotion service in the regions will be very useful. But how many optimizers think of this opportunity? Here are the nuances that we mentioned earlier.

Should we promote the site within its geographical area or go beyond that? It is as if the answer is obvious. But this obviousness is only revealed by optimizers with extensive experience.

People’s minds are changing. More and more people, seeking to find the right product or service, the first resort to the Internet rather than newspapers or magazines. Therefore, a larger number of customers will be attracted to a company that has its website and not one.