Ranking a Google Web Site

Ranking a Google Web Site by Keyword

For a good ranking of your site on a given keyword, in the more popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. it is important to prioritize the following parameters:

  1. The most important keywords or phrases for which you want your site to rank in the search engine.
  2. Compete for the selected keywords or phrases for which you want your site to rank in Google.
  3. The domain of your site. It is desirable when selecting a domain for your site to include the most important keyword in the domain name.
  4. What kind of site is yours (a representative, personal or corporate site, online store, blog, or another type of site)?
  5. How the site itself is constructed (based on a CMS platform or other site).
  6. The loading speed of your site. Quick loading of the site is an important condition for its successful ranking in search results. Faster upload sites enjoy better ratings than Google and most search engines.
  7. How long did your site work? It is logical when your site is new and the content in it is still not so rich, it is ranked far back in the search results. The ranking process is slow and requires a lot of work related to enriching the content of the site and a lot of patience on your part.
  8. Whether the content of your site is unique. For the successful ranking of your site, the information in it must be unique and well-chosen to focus primarily on the relevant keywords or phrases for which you want it to rank in the top positions in the search engine.

What place does Google rank in your site?

To find out how your site is ranked in the search engine by a particular keyword or phrase, I offer you a very good free tool that lets you search for one or more keywords at the same time and shows you exactly which site page you have achieved the ranking for that keyword or phrase.