Choose a domain name

A website’s domain is called the address that appears in the address field of the browser to load the site. The domain name is immediately visible after the HTTP: // characters in the browser bar address, both on the home page of that site and on all its internal pages. For example, the link on this site is and the domain is The link on this site page is https://example/article, as the domain is also present in it.

Obviously, each website must have its own domain, so the first step in building a site is related to the choice of domain.

Choosing the right domain for a website at first glance seems a simple task. However, in the first check of your chosen name, it is in most cases that it is already busy or free, but not with the extension you need.

You should know that the domain is the name of your site and is the first thing visitors see and remember in the site, so you need to spend a little more time when choosing the right domain for your website as its possible change to A short step is not preferable, for the simple reason that if your site is already popular with a certain name, its change will cause user loss and site popularity.

Tips & Recommendations for Selecting a Site Domain

In this article, I will be able to offer you some useful tips and recommendations that I hope will help and facilitate you in choosing a domain name for your site.

What is the most suitable extension for your domain?

Domain extensions are different, more known of which are .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz, .eu, and others. Definitely, the most popular Internet domain extension at present is .com
Most users remember and write default domains with a .com extension. If the domain you have chosen has a .com extension and is free to register, it is worth it to stop right there. If he’s already busy, you can head to the next .net. The .org extension is primarily for nonprofit organizations. Extensions .biz, .info, and so on. are less known and less preferred.
Domains with the .eu extension are mainly intended for the European region.
If you think that your site is directed entirely to Bulgarian audience, then you can choose a domain with a .bg extension

What name should you choose on your domain?

Preferably, the domain name of your site will contain the most important keyword related to the activity and theme of the site. At the same time, the domain is as short as possible to remember and write easily. Too long a domain will make it difficult to memorize it and cause confusion when it is written in the address field of the browser.
If you want to promote your newly created company, you can use a domain name for its name. And the best option is when an important keyword is associated with the company’s business.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dash in the domain name

When selecting a domain name, more than one keyword or your company name plus a keyword can be included. When registering a domain, it is forbidden to use a space between two words, so the variants, in this case, are two, write the two words merged or divide them with a dash. For example, if we want to register a domain that combines the craftsmanship of the site, the options for creating a domain are: “web design” or “website prices”. If the phrase in question is already enrolled for registration, you can do the inversion of the words, in which case the variants will be – “design website” or prices website.

A major drawback in using a dash in a domain is that dashes are hard to remember, especially if there is more than one, and it is possible to confuse the entire spelling domain or if the domain is dictated by a phone call. Most domains do not contain dashes, and it is very likely that the user will miss the hyphen in your domain while remembering and writing it, and in this case will go directly to another website, which of course is not preferable.

The advantage of using a dash in the domain name is that search engines can better differentiate the two separated keywords, which affects the position of your site in the search results. Of course, for the good ranking of your site in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, you should not only rely on good domain name, but also on other much more important factors such as SEO site optimization, rich and unique site content, links to your site, and more.